Berry Hamantaschens

Every year, for the holiday called “Purim”, Jewish people eat a cookie called a hamantaschen. I love to bake them myself because homemade is always better than storebought. I’ve been making them for years and I always use the same dough recipe (link here). This is a great dough that’s dairy free, but not vegan…

Sticky Cauliflower Bites

Hi there! If you’re new here, I just wanted to say welcome 🙂 I’m currently doing a cooking challenge where I post recipes using a certain ingredient each week. I’m in the middle of my cauliflower week, yesterday I made delicious fried rice (link here), and today I made these sticky cauliflower bites. I found…

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

I love those huge cookie cakes that you can get for birthdays or special occasions. I didn’t want to buy one though because they are way overpriced. They also don’t seem too difficult to make yourself, so I tried it. And as you can see, this was for father’s day and my dad loved it….

Healthy(ish) Cheesecake

For most people, when they have a craving, they go to the store/restaurant and get that item. But for me, I decided to just make it. I don’t know why, but I really wanted some cheesecake. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had it in a while, not sure. No matter the reason, I had my…

Tri-Layer Kugel

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, sorry about that. Passover cooking is just all the same old recipes – don’t get me wrong, it’s tasty food – and I wasn’t feeling motivated to post about it. But if you would like to see more traditional jewish cuisine, let me know…..