Chipotle Buddha Bowl

I love when I cook up a couple ingredients and it comes together to make a delicious meal. That’s what happened with this bowl. It was a simple dish with lots of veggies and very filling. It was vegetarian but you could add roasted chicken or beef too. You could add tofu or edamame for…

Recipe #44: Beets & Sweets Buddha Bowls

I know I’ve said before that I love eating big bowls of food, so this dish was perfect. Buddha bowls are one of those things that are very versatile, so you can easily switch up the ingredients. I didn’t do any switching up here though because it was perfect as written. This recipe was delicious….

Recipe #26: Nicaragua Bowls

I don’t exactly know what makes these bowls Nicaraguan, but they were delicious so I don’t mind. And I will say that although this recipe is in the breakfast section of the book, I made this for dinner – I love the idea of having breakfast foods at non-breakfast times of the day. Anyways, I…

Mexican Chicken and Veggie Bowl

Chicken. Veggies. Avocado. That’s basically it. There’s a little base of shredded romaine lettuce in the bottom of the bowl. On top, there is are three sections: a bean, pepper and corn mixture, some avocado, and some cooked chicken breast. Really basic ingredients that are super healthy and high in protein with the chicken and…

Peanut Tofu Bowl with Carrots and Couscous

I just submitted my last assignment for my university undergrad so I am unofficially done school (yay!). I decided to treat myself to a nice hot lunch. I had made this awesome peanut butter sauce that I was gonna use for coleslaw the other day but that never happened so I used it today instead….

Couscous with Bean Salad and Sweet Potatoes

I may have said this before, but I love meals that are all in one bowl and easy to eat. Tonight’s dinner was just that. I have 3 components here which are pretty easy to see cause I made sure they were all separated in my bowl. The bean salad has a few things… black…

Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowl: bunch of yummy things put together to create a bowl of deliciousness! (Very accurate definition) This one has chickpeas, cooked sweet potato, cucumber, parsley and a pesto dressing. Couldn’t be easier!