May 26: Montreal Eats

Last weekend, I went to Montreal. I thought it would be fun to share with you all some of the foods that I ate there. I’ve done this sort of post before with other trips, including Montreal actually, and I would love to do them more because I just love traveling (and eating) so much.

Because I’ve been to Montreal many times now, and even though I still wanted to get the classic Montreal foods, I tried to find places that were maybe a little less well known but still highly rated.

Corned Beef Sandwich – Snowdon Deli:

So before, when I went to Montreal, I went to probably the most famous place to get deli which is Schwartz’s. It was delicious but there was a very long line. So for this trip, I tried to find a new place that was also popular, this was definitely less busy too which was great.

This was called Snowdon deli. It has a very old time feeling inside, it was a very no frills sort of restaurant but that was perfectly fine for me. I got a corned beef sandwich which was a decent size but it definitely was a mess to eat. It was very tender and tasty though. I also got some fries but those were eating too fast to get a picture.

Bagel Sandwich – Bagel St-Lo:

Where I was staying in Montreal, it was sort of the suburbs so I found this bagel place that was close by. But just for the record, I have tried Fairmount and Saint Viateur bagels, which are probably the two most popular, and they are delicious as well.

So this was a cute restaurant, and they had a variety of bagel sandwiches available. I chose the egg and cheese and the egg was almost like quiche I guess. It was different than a typical just over easy sort of egg like you see on a regular breakfast sandwich. It was a very nice bagel too, you could tell it was fresh.

Chicken Poutine – Romado’s:

Obviously Montreal is known for poutine as well. I’ve been to a place called La Banquise several times and it is always delicious but there is almost always a very long line outside the door which is pretty crazy because they are open 24/7.

But there was a restaurant called Romado’s which is actually on the same street as La Banquise and they make Portuguese chicken poutine. Well, they sell Portuguese chicken on its own like with potatoes or salad but they also have a poutine with chopped chicken and Peri Peri sauce on top. It was incredible. The fries were perfectly crispy, they put so much cheese (cheese curds of course) and then there was gravy plus the Peri Peri which was a little spicy and it all went together so well.

Chinese Food – Amigo Restaurant:

Last but not least, this may surprise you, but Montreal has quite the selection of Chinese food. They have a Chinatown which is just packed with food options. I found this place called amigo restaurant which I know does not sound very Chinese at all but it was rated very well and the food was delicious.

I had shrimp dumplings, noodles with beef, mixed vegetables, general tso chicken. Everything was perfectly cooked and nicely flavoured. My favorite was the shrimp dumplings though and they were so big and you can tell they were freshly made.


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