May 5: Various Plates of Food

Happy May everyone! It’s been very rainy here the past week, it’s like all of the “April showers” have decided to come now. But the weather has been getting a little warmer. I love this time of year because the cherry blossoms and tulips are blooming and it’s so pretty.

I decided to switch things up a bit for this week’s post. I’ve got a few plates of food for you, so you can really see the whole meal of what I’m eating, not just one component.

Breaded Chicken & Roasted Vegetables:

This was a really nice sheet pan type meal. The chicken was boneless skinless breasts coated with breadcrumbs and baked. Alongside that, I roasted some sweet potato, russet potato, bell peppers and onions. Both pans of food baked for about 40 minutes at 375° and then dinner was ready.

Leftover Chicken & Rice Bowl:

I used some leftover chicken from above, cut it up into bite-sized pieces and served it with some peanut coleslaw. I love this specific coleslaw recipe because it has crushed-up instant noodles in there which give such a nice crunch. The dressing is peanut butter based with rice vinegar and sesame oil for good Asian flavour. This went nicely with the more “plain” profile of the chicken.

Breakfast Plate:

This was a nice breakfast that I made on the weekend. I have scrambled egg white with spinach, olives and pickled peppers. On the side, I have toast with cream cheese and green goddess seasoning and a couple clementines. I also have some iced coffee. This was a really well-balanced and colourful meal.


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