April 21: Mish Mash Plate

This week was pretty busy so I didn’t cook very much. But I did have one meal with a whole bunch of leftovers and it was such a good dinner. The name Mish Mash just refers to having a variety of things. All the separate components come together to make a delicious meal.

Starting at the top, we got:

  • Meatloaf: simple ground beef mixture with ketchup glaze on top
  • Potato salad: creamy mayo based with pickle, celery and dill
  • Coleslaw: also mayo based but creaminess is cut with some vinegar to bring balance
  • Orzo: sauteed peppers and onions give this extra texture, simply seasoned with broth and a few spices
  • Sweet potato patty: pretty much a sweet potato kugel that we shaped into patties, breaded in panko then baked up until crispy
  • Breaded chicken thigh: boneless thigh coated in seasoning mix and baked

This was a very tasty and pretty balanced plate of food. I liked the double protein too, can’t slack on that.


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