April 14: More Passover Foods

Hello hello! As you can see by the title of this post, it was supposed to be another few recipes that I made during Passover. However, I was enjoying my time too much and I kept forgetting to take pictures of what I was making which I know is a rookie mistake. But I can still tell you a little bit about some of the things we made. The one thing I did take a picture of is the pancakes and those were so delicious!!


I mean every year, we pretty much make the same recipes. For instance, there’s something called tzimmes which I’ve posted about before so you can check that out here, but this year we switched it up a little and made something called kishka. It is similar to tzimmes in that it is a bunch of grated vegetables like sweet potato and carrot. Tzimmes is very sweet-centred thanks to cinnamon and orange juice. However, kishka is more savoury because it has some spices as well as onion and celery. It is meant to be stuffed into a chicken but we just baked it on its own and it was so delicious.

Farfel Kugel:

Another thing we made was farfel kugel. Farfel is simply broken up matzah and you soften it in some water and then combine it with eggs, sugar, oil and some fruit – we used diced pineapple and apple. It goes in a pan then baked until cooked through, you want it to be firm but not dried out. It is meant to be a side dish even with the sweet components in there.

Banana Pancakes:

I typically keep my Passover baking to a minimum just because matzah meal tends to be very finicky. We had many bananas that were getting pretty ripe and my typical go-to is to make pancakes. I found a recipe online that used a combination of matzah meal and potato starch. I think the starch helps to keep these light and there is also a good amount of baking powder which helps with this too.

The recipe didn’t actually call for bananas but I subbed out half of the eggs for a couple mashed bananas and figured it would work. I also added some cinnamon because who doesn’t love cinnamon. I mixed the dry and wet ingredients together and then added water until I got a nice pancake consistency.

These cooked up amazingly, they were so fluffy and moist. They honestly even barely tasted like a matzah product. They were so good, in fact, that we actually made them again a couple days later. You know a recipe is good when you make it twice in a span of a few days. I was very impressed.


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  1. beachbum94 says:

    Hi there! I loved reading about your Passover recipes, especially the banana pancakes. They sound absolutely delicious! I’m curious, how did the mashed bananas affect the texture and flavor of the pancakes? Did you find that they still had the same light and fluffy texture as regular pancakes? Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    Matthew Thomas


    1. Thank you so much. The flavour changed because it was sweeter (not overly though) and texture was I guess a little gooey inside compared to regular panacakes


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