April 7: Passover Desserts

Hi everyone! Happy Easter to those who are celebrating. Passover is underway now and there has been a lot of cooking in my house. I’m sharing today the baked goods that we made this year.

Forgotten Cookies:

I know I’ve shared these before on my blog. They are simple meringues with chopped walnuts and chocolate chips inside. You make the mixture, spoon it onto pans, put them in a hot oven and then immediately turn the oven off. They sit overnight and by the morning, you have beautiful meringues.

They usually always turn out amazing, but this year, something was different. I’m not sure why but a lot of them stuck to the pans and crumbled when trying to remove them. Thankfully I took my picture before trying to release them because it looked like quite the crime scene. They still tasted the same and were very delicious but I really don’t know why they didn’t set up properly.

Jam Cookies:

I had made this type of cookie a while back but then one year the dough didn’t work at all, so I stopped making them. But this year, after the slight disaster of the forgotten cookies, I wanted an extra dessert to supplement. I found this new jam cookie recipe and it seemed more promising with the ingredients.

The dough was quite wet and almost like a batter immediately after mixing, but the recipe says to let it sit for an hour and that’s when it firms up and transforms into a nice dough. I scooped out small amounts of dough, rolled into balls then placed on cookie sheets. You then make an indent in the middle of each one and fill it with jam – I used strawberry. These still looked promising so I was hopeful. They baked up well, puffed up slightly and even crackled a bit.

The taste of these was good (for a passover dessert). They aren’t too dry but they really are not that sweet, so it’s a good thing there is the jam in the centre. I pretty much always keep my expectations for passover desserts low and then I can be pleasantly surprised.

Coconut Macaroons:

This, along with the forgotten cookies, is a dessert we make every year. I love coconut and these are made with only 5 ingredients – shredded coconut, ground almonds, sugar, egg and salt. These get a little crunchy on the outside but they are soft and chewy on the inside.


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