February 3: Skillet Dinner & Alfredo Pasta

Happy February everyone! Similar to last week’s recipes, it’s just been very cold so I wanted lots of comfort food. These are very easy recipes and you can switch up the ingredients in there to whatever you have on hand.

Leftover Skillet Dinner:

This was such a good one-pot meal. I had leftover cooked rice and didn’t just want to make fried rice. I went in a Southwestern direction inspired by a recipe online by Recipe Runner.

I essentially followed the recipe, aside from adding bell pepper to the assortment of vegetables, as well as a few leftover green beans that I had. It was a straightforward recipe to make, essentially just cooking the ground turkey then adding the vegetables. Everything is seasoned with garlic, chili powder, green chiles, salt and pepper.

You’re supposed to stir in cheese and green yogurt at the end to give a lot of creaminess. I kept mine dairy free and just used some vegan cheese shreds but it still gave some cheese flavour which was nice. This was a super tasty and comforting meal.

Alfredo Pasta w/ Chicken & Vegetables:

This dinner is sort of similar ingredients to the other recipe in this post, really just the same vegetables, and that’s just because I used what I had on hand. But that just goes to show that you can use the same vegetables in several different ways which is cool.

Anyways, this was a good pasta dinner with the vegetables, some chicken and a cashew alfredo sauce that I found in the store. I have actually made cashew alfredo from scratch before but this was a cool product and I wanted to try it.

The sauce was very creamy and well flavored with spices and garlic. You could obviously make this a full dairy-free vegan meal by leaving out the chicken but I liked the protein here.


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