January 13: Gnocchi & Pasta

This week was not the biggest cooking week but it was a very carb full week. I have two dinners from this week and they were very delicious but also very simple weeknight meals.

Gnocchi with Rose Sauce:

I used packaged potato gnocchi for this, boiled it like normal and then mixed it with lots of sauteed spinach, and the easiest rose sauce. I used a can of regular pasta sauce and then added a splash of cream and then some shredded cheese.

This was a pretty comforting meal, very rich and decadent for sure.

Tuna Pasta with Peas:

This was another very comforting meal, but definitely lighter than the gnocchi. This is pasta with peas and canned tuna for a great source of protein. The sauce is just butter, garlic, lemon juice, starchy pasta water, black pepper and capers.

You can check out the videos for this recipe – TikTok & Instagram.


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