November 18: Ramen

If you saw my post from last week (link here), you would have known that I got sick with some sort of throat infection. At first, the doctor thought it was strep throat but the test came back negative and then I got tested for tonsilitis which also came back negative. So not sure about the cause, but I’ve just had a super hard time eating foods because of all the inflammation in my mouth.

I am recovering though and have been gradually able to eat more foods! This means hopefully next week I will have a much more exciting recipe roundup!

I only took a picture of one meal I had – ramen soup. Most of my other meals typically included bread with cream cheese, scrambled eggs, oatmeal or bananas. So all very soft things.

Instant Ramen:

Yes, I know, super fancy meal πŸ˜› This has been such a good dish for me because the noodles are easy to eat and the hot soup is very soothing. I added some frozen corn for just a little something extra.


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