November 4: Tuna Pasta & Fresh Rolls

Happy November everyone! Less than 2 months to go until 2023. Just saying that sounds so unreal. Now that Halloween has passed, have you already started thinking about the holidays? If you don’t know, I have a cookie business called Lindsay Bakes and I have started brainstorming holiday flavours. If you live in the Toronto/GTA, please check out my page and give me a follow, that would mean the world to me – Lindsay Bakes Instagram.

Anyways, back to cooking. I think from now on, instead of writing “weekly roundup”, I will just write the date of the post. This is just a minor change, but just wanted to mention it anyway. And now for the food that I cooked this week!

Cheesy Tuna Pasta:

This was such a comforting meal. You can’t really go wrong with a big pot of cheesy pasta. This does have tuna for protein and some veggies for extra nutrition too!

I started by boiling some pasta and then reserving about 1 cup of the starchy water before draining. Then in that same pot, I made the sauce. I made a quick roux with butter and flour, then whisked in milk and the starchy water, adding more as it thickened up. I also mixed in lots of mozzarella cheese, as well as seasonings – mustard powder, chili flakes, garlic powder, black pepper and nutritional yeast. I did everything to my personal taste, I definitely went heavy with the chili flakes and pepper.

Once that was all bubbly and thick, I stirred in frozen corn and peas, two cans of tuna and then the cooked pasta. It looked like a lot of sauce in my pot but it coated everything perfectly. This was enough pasta to feed 6-7 people and it did not require very much effort.

You could switch up the vegetables and use spinach or broccoli. You could also switch out the tuna for some diced cooked chicken. There are lots of options when it comes to a big bowl of noodles.

Tofu Fresh Rolls:

These are such a delicious meal. Making fresh rolls is definitely a lot of work (cutting ingredients and rolling) but they are such a hit, especially when you serve them with peanut sauce. (You can see my peanut sauce recipe on this post here).

In my rolls today, I’ve got tofu, ramen noodles, cucumber, carrot, pepper and shredded lettuce. The tofu and vegetables are cut into sticks, and the noodles are just instant noodles that I boiled without the soup packet.

I’m not sure why, but when I was rolling these, my rice paper was getting stickier than normal and it was starting to tear. These became such a mess when eating but they were still tasty.


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