Zucchini Bundt Cake

Right off the bat, from reading the name of this recipe and looking at the pictures, something is off. I do not have a Bundt pan so I used an 8″ square pan instead. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the actual recipe.

This is a zucchini cake and it has similar vibes to the squash blondies from my last post (check that out here) with the warm spices and walnuts. This batter has lots of grated zucchini, mashed banana and dairy free yogurt which all help to keep everything moist. Side note on the yogurt, I actually used oat based yogurt for the first time and I was very impressed with how creamy it was. It wasn’t as thick as regular Greek yogurt but still not bad.

As for the dry ingredients here, it was just flour, sugar and brown sugar, baking soda, salt and then the spices which were cinnamon, powdered ginger and nutmeg. There was also supposed to be cardamom but the recipe says you can just put extra cinnamon in its place, which is what I did.

So since I was using a smaller pan to bake in, I made half of the recipe and it fit perfectly in the 8″ pan. It baked for about 35 minutes, until it was golden brown and a toothpick came out clean.

It came out very nice, and you can see just how moist it is. All it really tastes like is banana walnut cake, no one would be able to tell that there’s zucchini even though you can sort of see the little flecks.

Just like with the blondies from my last post which I linked up above, these are perfect to cut and store in the freezer to have whenever you want a snack. But a very good recipe and I’m so sad that there is only one more left of this entire cookbook, so that’s coming Friday.


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