Winter Squash Blondies

So since pumpkin spice flavoured things have already been popping up in stores, I guess there is nothing wrong with the timing of making these squash blondies.

I love brownies and blondies, they are just the perfect snack for a picnic or party. They are also great to freeze and have on hand whenever you want a little treat.

The batter has squash (I used canned pumpkin), vanilla, powdered ginger and cinnamon so it is very fall themed. There is also candied ginger and walnuts for little nuggets of texture in every bite. I love the flavour punch of the ginger but you could definitely just use more nuts in its place.

These were super easy to make and baked up very well. All the pumpkin ensured they stayed super moist. I shared some with friends and everyone loved them. No one could even guess that there were no eggs or dairy in them.

Just like the pecan pear pie from my last post, this is another recipe that I will be making again. I’m kind of sad that the Brave New Meal cookbook is coming to an end – this is actually my last week of posts. Make sure to follow along to see what I’m cooking up next!


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