Kiwi Colada

It’s the middle of the week, who wouldn’t want a nice drink to relax with. This is a super refreshing drink that I made without alcohol but you could add some rum which is what the recipe actually calls for.

Based on the name, you can tell that this is a play on a pina colada (pineapple and coconut). This drink also has kiwi for even more of a tropical vibe. The only other ingredients in here are a little lime juice and maple syrup, as well as ice. The pineapple and lime are pretty acidic but the maple syrup is perfect to balance that out.

This comes together in no time and it turned out amazing. It was so creamy and delicious, the kiwi adds a really nice touch too. It’s such a good summer drink and I can only imagine how much better it would be if I were relaxing on a beach with it in hand.

I don’t have much else to say about this drink, aside from the fact that I would definitely recommend you make it!


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