Mezcal Meltdown

I finished last week with a drink and we are starting now with a drink too! This is actually the first cocktail I’m making from this cookbook.

The drink is called a Mezcal Meltdown. It has pineapple juice, lime juice and jalapeno so it’s a mix of sweet, sour and spicy. From the name, the liquor is obviously supposed to be mezcal but I substituted it with tequila. The two are similar because they are both made with agave, but mezcal has a smokey aspect to it so I missed out on that.

It was super simple to make and this was pretty tasty. I like the idea of shaking everything together to combine, but I think the jalapeno would have to steep longer in the drink to really give some spice. I couldn’t really taste the spice so I think you could just make the drink with only mezcal (or tequila), pineapple juice and lime juice and still really enjoy it.

This sort of cocktail is perfect for the summer. It makes you feel like you are sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun. It is super refreshing but it definitely packs a punch from the alcohol, so be sure to drink water too!


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