Grapefruit Cake

We are moving along in the dessert section and today we have this grapefruit cake. I am one of those people who love grapefruit so I was very excited about this recipe. This cake seemed to promise a bunch of grapefruit flavour because there is juice and zest in the cake and then actual grapefruit flesh and more juice in the glaze.

Starting with the cake, it was a pretty simple batter with flour and cornmeal which gives a nice bit of texture. There is also olive oil, almond milk and dairy-free yogurt to keep everything moist, and double action of baking soda and powder, making the cake light and fluffy. But with the amount of zest and juice in the batter, I thought the grapefruit flavour would be pretty front and centre but it was surprisingly mellow. Don’t get me wrong, the cake was delicious and super fluffy but I wish the citrus component was punchier.

Now for the glaze. It is a mix of sugar, grapefruit juice and zest and cornstarch. It gets heated just until the sugar is dissolved and it thickens up slightly. The glaze turned out to be a little bitter for my taste, I should have added an extra sprinkle of sugar to balance out the grapefruit. When eating the cake with the glaze though, it wasn’t so tart. But honestly, I just think the glaze was not fully necessary and the cake (with more grapefruit zest) would be perfect on its own.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad recipe and it’s a really nice fresh summer cake. I think it would be equally delicious if you use orange or lemon zest/juice in place of the grapefruit.


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