Zucchini Blossom Pasta

My last post was a super summery tomato tart (check it out) and today’s recipe is another perfect summer dish. This was zucchini (blossom) pasta which was a great weeknight meal.

I put blossom in brackets before because the recipe is supposed to have them, but unfortunately, I had to make do without them. Apparently, they are only in season for a very short period of time so I knew my chances of finding them were quite slim. I think this pasta was still very delicious without them.

It is a pretty basic recipe with pasta, onion, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, and then it is flavoured with garlic, chili flakes, lemon juice and parsley. A good amount of vegetable broth is also added, which essentially makes up the sauce. Most of the broth gets absorbed but there still is some remaining which keeps everything moist.

I have one note on the broth though, I think there is a wasted step. You are supposed to steep some saffron threads in the broth before adding it to the pot, I guess to get the yellow colour. For the amount of saffron that is used (only a few threads), the yellow colour that comes off was not enough to actually dye the pasta. I think you could just save time and just omit the saffron.

This did taste very good though. I like all the garlic and chili flakes, as well as the fresh parsley. It was just an easy and comforting dinner. I do wish I could have gotten my hands on the zucchini blossoms though because I have never cooked or eaten them before. But alas, maybe another day.


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