Coconut Green Curry with Avocado

I know it’s the middle of summer so you wouldn’t think that a Thai curry would be a good meal, but it actually is. This is a green curry which is pretty mild, especially compared to red, and it is packed with fresh veggies. It is quite a bright and flavourful dish.

This was really easy to make and it is a one pot dish which makes clean up very easy. Just make sure you have everything prepped because the cooking happens fast. The flavour base is the green curry paste which has many ingredients in it like lemongrass and herbs. There is also added ginger which I love. Then all the veggies go in – onion, bell pepper, carrot, snap peas and bok choy. It was a super pretty mix of produce.

To turn it into a soup, it gets vegetable broth and coconut milk. Every Thai curry needs coconut milk to make it super creamy and rich. It can also mellow out the spice level if you were making a hotter curry. This one also has tofu which has lots of protein and it has avocado which adds a different creamy component.

This cooked up very well and it was well balanced with the flavours and the vegetables. As you can see, the picture is just the curry in the pot but I did serve it over some steamed rice and with cilantro on top. Very good dinner and leftovers reheat well too!


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