Basil Pesto Summer Pasta Salad

The first day of summer is tomorrow so the timing of this pasta salad is perfect. Pasta salad in general is just one of those classic summer dishes. It is so great for BBQs or even just weekly meal prep. This recipe specifically though, is so packed with goodness.

There are lots of fresh and summery ingredients in here – corn, tomato, cucumber – which makes it super colourful and bright. On top of that, there is a fresh pesto made with basil and parsley. This was a very good pesto recipe and it’s made with almonds and nutritional yeast, instead of traditional pine nuts and parmesan cheese. The final touch here is roasted sunflower seeds.

I really liked all the crunch from the veggies and then the extra crunch from the sunflower seeds. The flavours all went well together with the pesto. The recipe even says that pesto pasta salads are much better than mayonnaise based ones, and I think I agree. This one just felt much lighter and fresher. Very tasty and you can always change up the vegetables that you use.

Side note on the pesto – you can make a batch of it and then freeze it in ice cube trays. Whenever you want some pesto, just take some cubes out to thaw. This is a great trick and nothing goes to waste!


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