Orange Peel Cauliflower

I was very excited about this recipe. You know I love battered and baked cauliflower. I’ve made different variations countless times (Buffalo Cauliflower, Maple & Sriracha Cauliflower, General Tso Cauliflower). All of those recipes were so delicious and you should definitely check those out! But today’s cauliflower is coated in a sweet and sticky orange sauce. You can never go wrong with citrus.

The batter is thinner than I usually use for this but I liked the light coating that it gave to the pieces. There is also garlic and ginger powder so it has some flavour aside from the sauce. These baked up so nicely at a pretty high heat so they didn’t take too long in the oven. Then they get coated in the sauce and go back in the oven for a few more minutes just so that the flavours really soak in.

The orange sauce has a lot of yummy ingredients. It’s made with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, maple syrup, sriracha, tomato paste and orange zest. That cooks down and then a little corn starch slurry is added to thicken it up. The cauliflower bites get super sticky and a little caramelized.

The finishing touches of green onion, sesame seeds and extra orange zest were perfect too. The flavours are so balanced with the sweet and salty and a little bit of spice too. This was just a great side, I served it with rice. The leftovers are also great at room temperature or cold.


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