Baked Leeks and Parsnips

Today’s recipe is quite a simple side dish. These are easy, baked leeks and parsnips. I have never really eaten leeks much, aside from in soups (like potato & leek) but I have never thought to roast them. And I love parsnips so I knew they would be good here.

They are flavoured with garlic, rosemary and salt. It is a very classic seasoning but it works so nicely on most roasted vegetables. They also cook in some vegetable broth which helps them cook evenly.

The issue with this method of cooking (with liquid), instead of using a baking sheet is that the vegetables don’t get golden brown and crunchy. I love when the edges get caramelized but that did not happen here. They still tasted delicious and I love how sweet they get but I really would have liked the extra texture.

These were still a great side dish and they pair well with any protein. You could also chop them up and mix into any salad or grain bowl.

Definitely give these roasted veggies a try – especially parsnips – because their flavour is so good.

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