Pan Seared Okra with Lime

I’m ending the week with another okra recipe. It’s funny that this cookbook has two recipes with the same main ingredient right after each other but it lends to good comparisons.

As you saw in my last post (Oklahoma Style Fried Okra), I had okra coated in flour/cornmeal and fried. Today’s okra was quite different. This was pan seared with onions, soy sauce and lime.

Coming off the success of the last post with the super crispy okra, I wasn’t sure if I would like this pan-seared one as much. But after making it, I really liked it. The onions soak up the flavour of the soy sauce and lime and it paired really well with the okra. I still think I enjoyed the fried ones more but these are a really good alternative.

I’ll admit, this okra preparation doesn’t have the same visual appeal because they are whole pods instead of nicely cut up, but the flavour is there.

So if you’re one of those people that doesn’t like okra because you think it’s just slimy, I think you just haven’t cooked it right. If you make either the fried or pan-seared versions, you will enjoy it.


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