Oklahoma-Style Fried Okra

Okra is a food that I don’t have too much experience cooking or eating but I enjoyed it when I had it. I have a post on my blog from a recipe online, it was a super simple roasted okra (post here).

Today’s okra is not so healthy. This is fried. I mean, it’s not battered like okra usually is in the Southern USA, so I guess this version is a bit healthier. Just a little. I mean, it is still a vegetable and vegetables are good for you. It’s all about eating fried foods in moderation.

Anyways, now that we got that nutrition lesson out of the way, let’s get into the recipe. This is a very simple preparation of okra and it only has a few ingredients. It’s simply okra, cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper and oil for frying.

All the dry ingredients and seasoning get combined in a bowl and the okra is just dry-dredged. It gets such a light coating which leads to such a crispy result after frying. The cornmeal adds such a nice extra texture too.

These turned out amazing and I will definitely make them again. I like how crispy they are on the outside but the inside is soft. Okra has a pretty mild flavour so you can dip them into anything you like. I thought they were great on their own though, so that’s how I ate them.

The only issue I had with the recipe is with the amount of flour and cornmeal used. Because it’s such a thin layer that sticks to the okra, there ends up being a lot wasted. I definitely think it could have been scaled back so that there would be less extra in the end. But now I know to use probably half the amount when I make them again.


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