Greek Dandelion Greens

The next recipe in this book is these Greek Dandelion Greens. It is similar to the last recipe (Stovetop Creamed Collards) but obviously different in that these greens are not creamy.

I have never seen dandelion greens at the store, but luckily the recipe says you can substitute any soft greens so I used spinach. Just like with the creamed collards, you are supposed to blanch the greens first and then use them in the recipe. But since I was using spinach which cooks very quickly, I just sauteed it, removed from the pan, and then continued along.

The only seasonings to the greens here are garlic, lemon juice and zest, and some salt and pepper. I’d like to mention that the recipe says the garlic is optional but I would never skip out on the extra flavour! This was so simple but there’s nothing wrong with that!

These tasted pretty good, no surprise here. I’m honestly not sure what dandelions taste like so maybe they would have added more flavour to the dish? I also feel like they would maybe have a little more texture than spinach but I am still very happy with how it turned out!

Also this recipe is in the sides section of the book, but I made this for breakfast and loved it! So you don’t have to always do what’s written – eat what you want, when you want!


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  1. Greens are lovely! Thank you 😊🌍🌳

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