Plum Salsa

The last recipe I made was the roasted corn salsa which you should definitely check out, and today I have another salsa recipe. This is a plum salsa so it is fruity, but it is super fresh and perfect for the warmer weather.

There are not too many ingredients in the salsa which makes it so quick and easy to whip up. It’s just plums, red onion, cilantro, garlic, jalapeno, lime juice, avocado and salt. It is essentially everything you would see in a regular tomato salsa except replacing the tomatoes for plums.

I love plums and I’m so happy they’re in season now. I like when they are crunchy and a little sour, and I knew it would work perfectly in the salsa.

I really enjoyed this salsa. It has a really nice balance of textures and flavours. The onion and jalapeno have a little spice and crunch that goes really well with the creamy avocado and sour plums. This was so delicious and made a really great snack with some chips.

This is not something you can really make ahead of time because of the avocado. However, you could prepare everything aside from that, and then just toss it in right before serving. So good though, definitely will make it again!


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  1. Author, Editor, Publisher, Tanya Freedman says:

    Wow, I’m so enjoying your adventurous and easy fresh recipes! This one is so colourful and so Apt for the beautiful spring! Thnx and keep up the great work! Or is it really work? You love it so much!

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