Today’s recipe is called Curtido which is a dish I had never heard of. It is Salvadorian coleslaw that can sit in the fridge for a couple of weeks and begin to ferment, similarly to kimchi.

There are not too many ingredients required, simply just cabbage, carrot, onion, jalapeno, oregano, salt, vinegar and water. Essentially it’s all those vegetables in a quite acidic brine.

Normally, when I make something with a brine, like pickles, I would add a little sugar to balance out the vinegar. But with this recipe, there’s no sweetness which definitely gives a bigger punch of acid when you eat it. If you like things with a little more balance though, definitely add the sugar.

Everything is pretty typical here, but the unexpected ingredient for me was the dried oregano. It is quite a large amount of it too so I wasn’t sure how it would taste here. I really liked it though! It added such a good flavour and a little complexity.

All the vegetables were so crunchy and fresh, I enjoyed this a lot. The recipe suggests serving this with tacos or pupusas but I’ve been eating it just as a side, like coleslaw.

This was a good way to finish off the week. I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Very simple and easy to do at home

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