Summertime Carrot Salad

Hello, I am back! I took a break for Passover but then I decided to take a little extra time to just get amore relaxing time. This was a really nice break but I am happy to be back in the kitchen and moving along with the recipes from the Brave New Meal cookbook.

Today’s recipe is a really nice summery salad. The base is carrots but there is a lot more going on. The other ingredients are green onion, bell pepper, cilantro, hummus (or avocado/mayo), apple cider vinegar, sweetener (I used maple syrup), soy sauce and celery seeds, which I didn’t include.

So there were a lot of colours from the vegetables which made this very pretty. The hummus gave a little bit of creaminess and the other flavours were very complimentary. It was a nice balance of sweet and sour.

Something I noticed though, is that the measurements of the liquid ingredients seemed very high. I made the full recipe of all the vegetables but cut everything else in half and I still had quite a bit of excess dressing in the bowl. It all tasted good but just seemed a little wasteful.

The recipe has a little suggestion at the bottom to stir in some red lentils, but I have some canned chickpeas which I think would go great here too. This is just such a nice versatile salad that would go well with any variety of foods.


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