Roasted Bell Pepper & Rosemary Dip

Making dips is something I have gotten more into since the first time I made my own hummus. It is so fun to make and they can be flavoured with any variety of ingredients. Also, you can use any bean as the base – I have used chickpeas, black beans and white beans.

Today’s dip uses white beans (or cannellini) and is flavoured with roasted red peppers and rosemary. There is also some garlic, onion, red wine vinegar, almonds butter, lemon juice and smoked paprika.

Everything gets blended together in the food processor, but the onion, garlic and rosemary are sauteed before going in. As I was measuring all the ingredients though, the quantity of smoked paprika (2 tbsp) seemed very high. So as a precaution, I decided to cut it in half and I am very glad I did. The flavour was still quite pronounced but the full amount would have been overpowering.

This dip was delicious. It was so creamy from the beans and everything was super smooth. The colour is a nice bright orange from the peppers and the paprika. I think the flavour of the rosemary was a little hidden from the smoked paprika so maybe I should have cut the smoked paprika a little more? I’m not sure but I still really enjoyed this.

I served this with some veggies and crackers and it was a nice appetizer.


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