Wine Braised Artichokes with Fresh Herbs

Artichokes are one of those foods that can seem very intimidating if you don’t know how to clean them up. I had cooked with them a while ago but they are not something I cook with frequently because they are so much work. But this recipe came up in the Brave New Meal cookbook and I was excited to try it!

Before getting into the recipe, let’s talk about getting the artichokes ready. The book gives a nice explanation of what to do – remove outer leaves, trim tops, scoop out the furry middle, and peel the stalk. It did take probably 15 minutes to get them ready for cooking but it was definitely worth it. So now let’s get into the dish.

These are the Wine Braised Artichokes with Fresh Herbs. Right off the bat, I gotta say I did not use wine for the braising, I used broth which the recipe says is a good substitute.

There was no lack of flavour in this dish. The artichokes get braised in the broth, onion and garlic. Once tender, they get removed to a plate and then the sauce is made with the braising liquid. It simmers down to reduce, add some butter and lemon juice and then it gets poured over the artichokes. The final touches are fresh parsley and panko pasta topping which is a little sub recipe from the back of the book. This panko topping was also used in the Brussels Sprouts Hash.

These turned out amazingly. Eating artichokes is definitely some work too but every leaf was so flavourful. I love the fresh herbs and crispy panko on top. These are definitely a treat.

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