Swiss Chard Puttanesca

I am moving right along in this cookbook and I was very excited for this recipe today. This was the Swiss Chard Puttanesca.

I remember in the Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook there was also a puttanesca recipe with polenta as a base for it. Here is the link for that if you wanted to check that out – Polenta Puttanesca. So I took the inspiration from that and decided to make some polenta to serve with this recipe today because the book didn’t really say what to serve with this.

I just made it very simple by cooking the cornmeal in some broth and letting it simmer until thick and then just seasoning with salt, pepper and a little butter. It was a really nice creamy base for this tomato puttanesca sauce.

This puttanesca calls for Swiss chard but it says you can use any green or mix of greens. So I used one of those boxes that has baby spinach, kale and Swiss chard. I think it worked really nicely because there was no cleaning and it was already prepped.

Aside from the greens, there’s a bunch of really nice ingredients. The main ones are diced tomatoes, garlic, chili flakes, wine (or chicken broth), capers and kalamata olives. It all cooks down and it becomes this really delicious stewy sauce.

The final garnish is some toasted almonds which add the perfect little crunch. This puttanesca was so good with the polenta because you get the creaminess with the rich tomato but it’s not too acidic. Everything just worked really well together. This turned into an amazing meal!


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