Chile Roasted Broccoli

Happy April fool’s! I don’t have any jokes for you but I do have another good recipe from the Brave New Meal cookbook. This is also the first recipe I’m making from the Snacks & Sides section of the book.

I’m closing off the week with a very simple side. Roasted vegetables in general are so tasty, but broccoli is one of my faves!

This roasted broccoli is a little different because it has Chile pepper – the recipe calls for Fresno chile but I used jalapeno instead because those apparently have similar spice levels. This recipe also has a little rice vinegar for a touch of acidity. The only other ingredients used here are garlic, oil and a bit of salt.

This gets cooked at quite a high temperature – 450° – for only about 15 minutes. The broccoli got golden brown and a little crispy.

I have no bad comments about this recipe, the broccoli was tasty. It was very simple to make and I like the little heat of the Chile. Also, maybe if I had added more vinegar, I would have tasted it more but it kind of just evaporated away I think. Overall, pretty good side, you can’t really go wrong with veggies, oil and garlic!


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