Sweet Potato Coconut Soup with Ginger

Here we are, the last post of the month and the last recipe of this section in the Brave New Meal cookbook.

Unlike the last soup which was creamy and blended (Creamy Curried Parsnip Soup), this one is nice and chunky. It has sweet potato, onion, bell pepper, black beans and greens (calls for kale but I used spinach). It is quite the colourful soup and it was very hearty too.

All of those delicious vegetables and beans are in a very tasty broth that’s flavoured with ginger and turmeric as well as basil, paprika and lime juice. There’s also coconut milk which adds a creamy component. Yes it has fatty coconut milk but it was still relatively light. You can eat two bowls of this and call it dinner!

There’s a good amount of turmeric in the broth so it was very bright yellow so just be careful about stains when cooking/eating. But ginger and turmeric are very good for you (I believe anti inflammatory properties) so it’s worth a little mess in the kitchen.

This was just a very nice comforting soup with a lot of good ingredients.


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