Creamy Curried Parsnip Soup

This month is quickly coming to an end and so is the soup and salad section of this cookbook. I have the last two soups this week and then we move on to Snacks and Sides. (NOTE: There actually are a couple other recipes in this Soups & Salads section but I’m pushing them to later on).

I love parsnips. They’re very similar to carrots but different in a way I can’t describe. They are just super good though so I was very excited about this soup. Based on the title, you can see that this was a curried parsnip soup and it has a little topping made of almonds, cilantro and green onion.

Starting with the actual soup, I just love the flavours of curry, ginger, cumin and garlic. It was so fragrant when cooking and I knew the result would be delicious. Soups always get so creamy after you blend them and this one also has a little almond milk which makes it even creamier. The sweet parsnip went really nicely with all the spices, and nothing was overpowering flavour-wise.

The concept of the little topping though was genius. Adding a little bit of crunch and freshness, as well as obviously some extra colour, was the perfect touch. I simply just put the three ingredients in a food processor and it was all chopped up in no time. This was much easier than chopping by hand.

This was such a good soup and I will definitely be making it again.


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  1. Such a lovely idea. I am sharing it too 😊

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