Romaine Hearts Salad

It’s Friday and I am so ready for the weekend. Today’s recipe was a delicious salad with lots of yummy ingredients.

So the full recipe name is Romaine Hearts Salad with Horseradish and Dill Dressing and Homemade Old Bay Croutons. It’s quite the title. But as you can see I am missing one part of the salad – the croutons. I completely forgot to buy the sourdough bread to make the croutons but honestly this salad was so good, I didn’t even miss them that much.

But enough about the sad things, let’s talk about what’s in this delicious bowl of salad. The actual salad mixture is a combination of romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomato, avocado, green onions and dill. These are all pretty basic ingredients that I would normally put in my salads, aside from the dill and green onion but I really liked the extra freshness that they added!

There was another ingredient in the salad which is a recipe that’s in the back of this cookbook – quick pickled red onions. It was a very simple brine made with rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar, water, salt and a pinch of sugar. That just has to come to a simmer and then you pour it on top of the sliced red onions. They need to chill for 30 minutes and then they’re good to go. They were so crunchy and I love the vinegar punch. I will definitely be making more just to have in my fridge.

The final component to the salad which brings everything together, was the dressing. This was a horseradish and dill dressing and it’s another recipe in the back of the book. It’s made with almonds, hot water, olive oil, almond butter, lemon juice, champagne vinegar (I used apple cider), prepared horseradish, garlic, dill and salt. It sounds like a lot of strange ingredients but it was delicious. The almonds get softened with the hot water and then when you blend everything up, it becomes so creamy! It had a really good flavor from the horseradish and dill too.

This was just a fantastic salad. Everything was so crunchy and fresh and bright, and the dressing was the star. This was a great way to end the week!


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