Smashed Cucumber Salad

I’m ending the week with this super simple cucumber salad! This is a smashed cucumber salad which makes it very rustic and fun! I have seen recipes for this kind of salad online so I was very excited that this book had one.

Aside from the cucumbers there really aren’t that many other ingredients that you need. It’s just red chilies, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and rice vinegar. It’s essentially a nice quick pickle but with a kick from the chili.

What helps to make the cucumbers super crunchy is letting them sit with some salt for 15 minutes to drain out some of the extra liquid. And after that, you put all the other ingredients for the flavouring.

So it’s a very easy recipe to make but it packs a punch of flavour. Very simple salad and a great way to go into the weekend!


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  1. It looks delicious. Thank you 😊


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