Brussels Sprout Hash

I’ve never bought Brussels sprouts before because they just seem extra hard to clean well. They also seem to have quite a bad reputation for some reason. I love cabbage so I don’t know why I never made the leap to these babies. Anyways, I’m giving them a shot today with this Brussels Sprout Hash from Brave New Meal cookbook. This is also the last breakfast recipe from this book.

First things first, I had to clean these little guys. I cut off the ends, sliced them up (for the recipe) and then washed/let them soak in some water for a little while. This was a very good way to get out all the dirt between the layers.

Once you have your clean sprouts, this recipe comes together relatively quickly. It just starts with sauteing some onions, adding a touch of soy sauce then stirring in the Brussels sprouts and cooking those down until browned and tender. After that, they just get a little seasoning of salt and pepper, some lemon juice and then some crispy panko.

The crispy panko is a recipe in the back of the cookbook. It’s simply panko bread crumbs toasted in a pan with some olive oil, lemon zest and a few spices. It is meant as a pasta topper but it is used in this Brussels sprout hash as well. It added the perfect amount of crunch and just another dimension to these Brussels sprouts.

This was a really good recipe and I’m surprised how much I liked them. I have to admit though, I did make these as a side dish for dinner but I will probably make them again for breakfast because they were so good.


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