Whatever Grain Porridge

Like I mentioned in my last post (Blackberry Sage Oat Bars) I love everything to do with oats and oatmeal. So this recipe, being a porridge with oats, along with other grains, was exciting to me. Right off the bat though, this reminded me of the recipe I made back in the Yum & Yummer cookbook – Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa – which was essentially a bowl of oatmeal but using all quinoa instead of oats.

You can see by the name “whatever grain porridge”, this is a breakfast that just uses a variety of grains which is something I never do. When I make my oats, I only have oats. The items in this porridge are brown rice, quinoa, steel cut oats and millet. I was unable to find millet in my store so I just used regular oats in its place.

So all those grains get cooked in just water with a little salt until all the water is absorbed, and then you stir in some almond milk which makes it really creamy. After that, you can top it with whatever you want. I chose maple syrup, some fresh blackberries and a pinch of cinnamon.

It seemed really interesting to me to have such a variety of grains all cooked together because I knew it would give a good amount of texture. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy having rice for breakfast like this but surprisingly I liked it. The quinoa and rice got a little nutty flavour which was nice too. I should also say that nothing was overcooked and just mushy, it was all perfect. Little note though: because I used regular oats in place of the millet, I added those closer to the end of the cooking time to avoid them being overcooked.

I really enjoyed this breakfast. Like I mentioned, it was really creamy from the almond milk and I liked the touch of sweetness that I added with the maple syrup. And initially, I had this hot when it was fresh but I had the leftovers the next day cold and I also enjoyed it like that. So maybe I’ll make this again and meal prep it for the week and I can just switch up the toppings and flavours.


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