Buckwheat Persimmon Pancakes

I feel like with each recipe I make from this Brave New Meal cookbook, I am using a new ingredient. I think that’s pretty awesome. Today’s recipe is these Persimmon Buckwheat Pancakes and the new ingredient here is the buckwheat flour. I have eaten soba noodles before which is made with buckwheat flour but I have never cooked with the flour itself.

And before we go into this recipe, I have to address the other ingredient in the title that you will not find in my picture – the persimmon. I love persimmon but unfortunately their season ended about a month ago which means I could not find any in stores. I had to improvise a bit, which I will explain.

So let’s get to these pancakes. I have made countless pancakes and I never get tired of trying new variations! This recipe is relatively basic, aside from the buckwheat flour. It has a diy buttermilk which helps make them fluffy and it’s flavoured with cinnamon and ginger.

Regarding the persimmon, there is supposed to be some mashed into the batter and some on top for garnish. Like I mentioned, I couldn’t get my hands on any persimmon, so I did a couple substitutions. I used apple sauce in the batter and garnished with sliced banana.

I am pretty sad I could try these pancakes as they were supposed to be, but I did have the buckwheat so I think I still got the essence of the recipe. I liked the cool texture and nutty flavour the buckwheat added, as well as it’s dark colour.

These pancakes turned out very nicely and I can’t wait to make them again when persimmons are back in season.


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