New Cookbook Challenge + Easier Nut Milk

Welcome to my new cookbook challenge! I will be cooking through the book called Brave New Meal from Badmannersfood. This is the same writers as the Thug Kitchen 101 book.

For this cookbook, I have decided to go through the recipes in the order that they are presented in the book. The first section is breakfast so that’s where I will begin! I will also only be cooking through this book, so it will be 3 recipes per week!

The first recipe (though this is actually the second one in the book) is a simple way to make nut milk. The full name of the recipe is “The Easier but Not As Delicious Nut Milk”. The real first recipe is for traditional nut milk, with soaking and then blending and straining. I decided to skip that and try for the cheat method of nut milk instead. This is a very quick alternative that promises similar results. I have actually seen this on social media and I finally got the chance to make it today.

So all you need to make this easier nut milk is nut butter (I used peanut), water, maple syrup and vanilla. Just blend that up until smooth and creamy. It got so frothy and turned out very well. I tried it on its own and I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty it was.

I mean yes, peanut milk is not something you’d see in stores but it was so fun to make. It almost tasted like a peanut milkshake with how creamy it was – yet there was no actual milk! But why is peanut milk not a real product you can buy? If you know, let me know!

Anyways so I drank some of this peanut milk and then I used the rest in a smoothie and it was incredible! Such a good way to have nut milk in a pinch!

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