Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Happy Friday! It’s been so cold where I live, so I haven’t had much motivation to go outside. Instead, I stay in my warm house and bake!

Today I made some chocolate zucchini muffins, the recipe is from the Bake Eat Repeat blog (link here)

This is a double chocolate muffin (chocolate chips & cocoa powder) with some hidden nutrition from shredded zucchini. I love putting zucchini in banana bread but adding it here, with a chocolate base, is the perfect way to sneak it into kids’ diets. Not only does the zucchini add fibre and vitamins, but it also helps keep the muffins moist.

I made two small changes to the recipe just because of what I had available to me. I used dairy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips, as well as almond milk. So these muffins are dairy-free but there is still egg in the batter, which means they are not vegan.

These turned out so well. They are not too sweet and they are super light and fluffy. It’s the combination of baking powder and soda that helped them have this great texture. I kept some at room temperature but the rest, I’m storing in the freezer to stay fresh. These are such a great afternoon snack or dessert.


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