Tofu Scramble

I love eggs. I could probably eat them any day of the week, sorry everyday of the week. Scrambled, over easy sunny, hard boiled, whatever. I’ll eat them. So today’s recipe was quite a twist.

I had seen recipes for tofu scrambles before and for whatever reason I just never made it, but today I changed that. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical with how it would turn out because you know, how could tofu turn into eggs, but if you are vegan or have an egg allergy then I guess this is a cool option for you.

The recipe I found is from Nora Cooks blog (link here).

So essentially, the scramble is made with crumbled firm tofu and it’s colored with turmeric and it gets some flavor from nutritional yeast and garlic powder. There wasn’t other seasoning aside from that but you could add whatever ingredients you would normally put to scrambled eggs. As you can see I added spinach and I put on some hot sauce at the end.

Looks wise, I’d say it looked pretty on par with some scrambled eggs – maybe it was a little too yellow but other than that pretty good. Taste wise however, it could use some work. Maybe adding more seasoning would help hide the fact that it’s tofu. Don’t get me wrong I love tofu but I just don’t think it worked in this recipe. It might have been more enjoyable if I put this in a wrap with some avocado and a little salsa but just eating it on its own as the scrambled eggs was not doing it for me.

So again it was a cool idea but just not for me unfortunately.

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