Protein Packed Mixed Herb Tabbouleh Salad

Happy Monday! I hope all my American friends had a nice Thanksgiving filled with food and spending time with family and friends. Maybe you ate a little too much? Maybe you want to get back on track this week? You’ve landed on the right post!

Today’s post is a delicious salad from the Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook. It is packed with protein, herbs and a lemony dressing. I’ve been loving all the salads from this book – they are all so fresh, colourful and bright.

This salad has a base of quinoa and chickpeas – both of which are so healthy and help to make this salad very filling. It also has tomato, green onion and then lots of fresh herbs – parsley, dill and mint. So there is a lot of bright green colour. I love the combination of all the herbs too, much better than just having one of them.

Then the dressing is made of lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic and salt. It’s a pretty basic dressing that you could use on any salad. It was so tasty with all the salad ingredients.

Because this salad has chickpeas – protein – it is a great meal on its own. You could serve this for dinner with a soup and/or some pita, those are some good options. However you serve it, you’re gonna love this salad.


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