Salmon Rice Paper Rolls

Remember back in the summer, there were those viral Rice Paper Dumplings that everyone was making on Tiktok. And then, a little while after that, came these salmon rice paper rolls which is what I made today. Yes I know, I am way behind in the trends but it’s alright. These have a similar result of a chewy rice paper outside but obviously, the fillings are different.

I found this recipe from My Healthy Dish (video here) and recipe is written out on The Regular Folks bog (link here).

These salmon dumplings have a piece of seared salmon and green onion inside. They are wrapped up in rice paper and pan-fried until a little golden. Just like the other dumplings, these are served with a dipping sauce, and I really enjoyed this one. It was made with soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, brown sugar and sesame seeds. It was perfectly balanced in flavours.

My dumplings didn’t get too brown because I was scared of overcooking the salmon inside. So I guess they were chewier than the recipe intended but still delicious. Everything went well with the dipping sauce and it was a really good meal.

The one thing I would change about this recipe is that I would cut the green onion into smaller pieces before wrapping. It was just hard to bite through the long piece of onion and I ended up pulling the whole piece out on the first bite.


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