Cauliflower Alfredo

I love pasta alfredo. It usually isn’t the healthiest choice because the sauce classically contains a lot of heavy cream and butter. There are many healthier alternatives out there that are equally delicious. Two varieties that I have made are Cream Cheese Alfredo and Pasta Alfredo with Squash & Broccoli.

Today I made a different version of alfredo, that is mostly vegetable based. This is Cauliflower Alfredo, recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie (link here). It is a mix of cauliflower, milk, seasoning and a little cheese. You just boil everything together until the cauliflower is tender and then blend to a smooth sauce consistency.

The recipe calls for mozzarella cheese but I used age cheddar for a little extra flavour. I also added lots of black pepper for some spice and garnished with a little parmesan cheese at the end.

This sauce was delicious. It was so creamy and much lighter than a heavy alfredo sauce. I like how you can be having a bowl of pasta but still be eating your veggies too!

I know with the holidays coming up soon, you may be trying to eat healthier, so cauliflower alfredo might be a good option for you to try! Let me know how you like it or one of the other alfredo alternatives I mentioned above! šŸ™‚


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