If your favourite part of a salad is the croutons, then fattoush is for you!

It is essentially a Mediterranean salad with lots of toasted bread/pita pieces. So you get the goodness of all the veggies but with all the delicious crunchy bread too. This one has a really nice lemon-garlic dressing which was very bright.

The actual salad is made of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onion, parsley and mint. So you can see how fresh and flavourful it’s starting off. There is also obviously a lot of crunchy components, but the best part is all the freshly toasted pita chips that are mixed in.

The recipe says you can use store-bought pita chips but I thought it would be tastier to make them myself. They were super easy to make – just toasting pita pieces until golden brown – and they were perfect in the salad. They soaked up all the flavours of the dressing which softened them up slightly.

I loved this salad. It was so delicious with the fresh herbs, everything worked well together. I will definitely make this salad again because it was so easy.

Just remember though, if you are planning on making this recipe, don’t dress it too far in advance because the pita chips will get soft and soggy after a little while.


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