Viral Salmon & Rice

I know you’ve probably seen that viral salmon and rice recipe online. It all started from a girl named Emily Mariko, who posted it on Tiktok and since then, it seems that everyone has been making it. And now it was my turn!

I had to put my own twist on the recipe though. I made mine on a budget by using canned tuna. This is a quicker and more easily accessible version by not needing the fresh fish. It turned out very well!

So if you don’t know this dish, the base is fresh rice and cooked fish, mixed together with some soy sauce, kewpie mayonnaise (Japanese mayo) and sriracha. Once that’s all combined, you eat it with seaweed and whatever garnishes – like avocado, kimchi or other pickled veg.

The concept of the meal is very simple, it is essentially a deconstructed maki roll. I knew it would all taste good. It was nice and spicy with the sriracha and kimchi, and had lots of richness from the mayonnaise.

This definitely isn’t the prettiest meal to make but it was a really delicious one. If you want to see me make this recipe, you can see the video that I posted on Tiktok or Instagram.


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