Pan Fried Cabbage with Mustard Seeds

I feel like cabbage is one of those really underrated vegetables, and it sometimes get a bad reputation. It’s super good for you – raw or cooked – and you can put so many different flavours on it.

Today’s recipe is one from Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook. This was a really simple cabbage side that pairs well with any dish you’re serving. I served it with some roasted chicken and it was perfect together.

Cabbage gets a little sweet after cooking down because of its natural sugars, but I love the way it is seasoned here. There is lots of garlic and mustard seeds which are so flavourful and give a little heat to it. There is also turmeric which is what gives the cabbage the bright yellow colour.

I love how you can see all the little mustard seeds and bits of garlic, and then when you bite into one, you get an extra burst of flavour. So good, I will definitely make it again!


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