Borracho Squash & Bean Burritos

I love burritos so I was very excited to make this one.

This was the Borracho Squash and Bean Burrito from Thug Kitchen 101 cookbook. Can we talk about the name for a second. I had to look this up but the word ‘borracho’ actually means drunk, typically used to refer to a person. But here, the squash is cooked in beer so technically it is drunk. I just loved that word choice.

This recipe calls for butternut squash but I actually used sweet potato and it worked just as well. It gets sauteed with onion and jalapeno and seasoned with chili powder, smoked paprika, garlic and soy sauce. Next, the beer (I used a lager) gets added and it cooks until tender. It soaks up all the flavour from those ingredients. Final touches are adding the pinto beans, lime juice and maple syrup and then the filling is ready.

This potato and bean mixture was so good. It was sweet from the potato and maple syrup but the jalapeno had a touch of heat and I liked the smokey flavour from the paprika. It was delicious on its own and I could have just eaten it as is or with rice.

Aside from the filling, the other components in my burrito were: cilantro-lime rice, lettuce, avocado, salsa and extra cilantro. I used hot salsa so that added a nice extra punch of spice. There was so much flavour and textures, every bite was incredible.

I have leftovers of the potato and bean filling so I will probably make a taco salad with that. Definitely will make this filling again though.


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