Cucumber Salad

Do you ever buy an ingredient for a recipe that you don’t usually use when you cook? That’s what happened to me. I bought a bunch of dill for my last post (Shredded Apple Polenta) but I wanted to use up the leftovers before it went bad. So I went with the obvious choice – pickles!

Dill and cucumber is such a classic and fresh combination. I used a recipe from Foodie Crush blog (link here) and it was sort of a cross between a quick pickle and a cucumber salad.

This one starts by letting the cucumbers sit in the fridge with some salt and sugar for an hour. That helps to bring out some of the moisture and start the pickling process. After that, the remaining ingredients are added – red onion, vinegars, water and dill – and it transforms the cucumbers into a delicious salad.

I love the crunch of the cucumber and red onion, and it goes so well with the fresh dill. You could adjust the ratio of salt to sugar to make them saltier or sweeter, but I really enjoyed them as is. Also, if you let them sit in the fridge for a couple days, they definitely get more pickled. But they were so simple to make and the jar was empty within a few days.

Last thing I wanted to say was that I repurposed an old tomato sauce jar for this recipe and it was the perfect size! Washing and reusing glass jars is such a great way to reduce waste!


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  1. Luffy says:

    Snap! I’ve just done the same. I love that fridge pickles are ready so soon and taste so good. Cucumbers and dill are my absolute favourite


    1. Yes they’re such a quick and amazing thing to make!

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