Rice Paper Dumplings

You know I am always looking for fun food trends. I saw this on TikTok a couple weeks ago and wanted to try it. These are called Rice Paper Dumplings (video here and full recipe here). This is a great vegetarian/vegan recipe to try.

Essentially, these have a spring roll filling made with cabbage, carrot, onion, some seasonings and tofu. That’s all mixed together and then it gets rolled in softened rice paper and pan fried. They get served with a simple dipping sauce made of soy, rice vinegar and chili oil.

This was such a good recipe. The filling was perfect cooked and well-seasoned. The vegetables still had a slight crunch too which I loved. Since there are two layers of rice paper, the outside one gets a little crispy and the inside stays a little chewy. So that just adds even more texture to these dumplings.

If you are going to make these, do not skip on the two layers of rice paper. At first, I thought it would be fine to only to use one sheet of rice paper and it was not enough. I tried making one with just a single layer and it popped open while cooking. You need the two layers to make sure the filling stays inside and you also get the great texture contrasts.

I love rice paper, but I have never cooked it before this recipe. I have only used them to make fresh spring rolls – link here. Yes I will still make those but these dumplings are a great new addition to my repertoire. These were so simple to prepare and they turned out incredible! Have a good weekend.


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